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Network Solutions

Local & Wide Area Network
Infrastructure Solutions

Sunray Consulting leverages the use of wired and wireless technology to develop a network architecture that is suitable for their client’s current operations, and easily scalable to match growth moving forward. Sunray Consulting utilizes a combination of hardware and software to develop personalized network infrastructure to support an efficient and reliable network infrastructure that delivers upon client’s key functions and requirements.


Sunray Consulting provides end-to-end network solutions, helping plan and design the network architecture, acquire the required hardware and software technology, as well as assisting with the implementation and integration within the client’s operations.

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Network Security Solutions

The Security Network Infrastructure Solutions focuses on providing Canadian businesses with the proper utilization and applicable support of both hardware and software in order to protect the confidentiality and accessibility of client’s networks and data, as well as company systems, servers, and electronic devices from both external and internal threats. We will also design and implement personalized security protocols to protect the implemented IT technology, reducing the risk and possibility of malicious attacks

  • Antivirus/Antimalware Software

  • Cloud Computing Security

  • Virus Removal Solutions

  • Security Camera System

  • Firewall

  • Alarm Systems Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Alarm Systems

  • Smart Door Lock

Network Administration & Monitoring

Sunray Consulting also provides network administration solutions and managed for clients, complementing network infrastructure, and designed to keep client’s architecture operating to its potential. Specifically, infrastructure will be constantly monitored, checking for errors or problem with hardware or software, providing real-time updates and status reports.


Furthermore, we provide network administration and monitoring to allow clients the peace of mind to focus on more important and revenue generating aspects of their business.

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